We are Lemon People.


A London-based collective formed in the summer of 2014, we are an affinity of artists, writers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians. For each of our projects - from small scale to large - we utilise each others abilities to make those projects happen. We work as individuals, mostly as freelancers, however a lot of our work wouldn't be possible without the combined effort of the Lemons.

We work individually, but share a similar approach of incorporating beauty into a message, be it a political or social issue, a personal insight, or a story, in order to allow that message to be realised.

The strength behind our collective is that together, our creative work is made possible. Our close personal friendship, understanding and never ending favours to one another means our creativity is never hindered.


As an arts collective, we operate through your support, contribution or commission. All donations go to the cost of exhibition space, printing and collaborative project expenses - the greater the funds, the greater the projects.

If you would like to know more about the purchasing of individuals work, getting prints or want to commission a member of Lemon People (or the entire team for a large scale project) please feel free to contact us.