"Are facts abstract? Or just abstract representations of concrete things?"

Joelle, Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace


Alice Louise Wadsworth is a freelance writer of fact and fiction, literature graduate, and dabbles in sound and moving image. In Brighton and London, Alice has continual involvement with music, art and protest, editing at The New British, writing for ID Magazine, The International New Media Gallery, Brighton Literary Society and more. Alice has worked with environmental and human rights organisations, such as Julie's Bicycle and War Child, for whom she worked on the video project 'Duty of Care'.  Originating over a focus on mental health awareness, Alice recently founded Just Gushing ( with a collection of editors as a way to share ideas and experiences freely (in terms of the authors rights over work, and their access to easy advice from editors). She usually lives in South London, but remains part of a Brighton writers' coven and contributes to the annual 'Femmeuary' magazine. 

Alice is currently in Florianopolis, Brazil, exploring cultural and environmental preservation and history, and will be traveling across Brazil, covering the 2015 Indigenous Games in Palmas


There is no such thing as a stupid question. I love ‘stupid’ questions. I love the nonsensical that highlights that bit of sense hidden under routine socialisation.

 Creative work is a crowd of voices– a glance at quantum ideas in Virginia Woolf does not necessarily coalesce with an article on kinky feminists, politics, environmentalism or mental health, but in a way they all connect - I listen for harmonies and explore a subject from there. A book, a chat, a song, an image, an interview; all add new filters to your eyes. Everything you see from then on is a little changed, a little more interesting. In journalism I analyse filters to question accepted fact. In my fiction, I like to dismantle these filters, try different combinations, and shave at their limitations.

 Nothing is a fact. That inspires collaboration in me, and my work invites anyone to explore and question the miasma of madness around us. Lets grow our choir.




To suggest issues for Alice to cover or assist with, or to discuss publishing her fiction, or fact, OR just to get in touch with Alice, please send us an email and we'll make it happen.

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