Stalking Fanny: the 'Interview'

For the Lemon People portrait project I started a little at a loss. Many Lemon People work visually, making a portrait less of a challenge, and I had also never met the subject of my portrait: Fanny

I wanted to turn this anonimity to a strength. I stalked her online, 'like's, different profiles, posted articles, comments - there's a large amount of information on the internet: TONS about you and I, and Fanny. 

Then I sent her fill in sheets and questions to her accounts. 
Here are some:

The other day, walking through _________, I felt _______. I never lie, but ________. The face had reminded me of someone else. Or, a _____. I heard what I hear in my head when I’m _______, ‘____________________________________________________________’. It was like another place. (Short description of any place here).

When I was _______ I knew I wanted to ________. When I was ______, I decided I really wanted to  ________. I _______ the reason was ____________________. My __________ whirls around __________. I’ve never ____________. I always ____________.

The cold makes me __________. The best climate is ________. My favourite film is __________. My favourite book is ___________. They are ___________. I am __________, sometimes. If I could put my work in only a few words, _____________________.  ____________ ?

I got distracted. This is ________ for me. As I was walking, I saw some litter up ahead. Leaning to pick it up, it was that image of that facial expression,

It’s funny how things happen. I started ________ in ________, never thought it would become ____________. Nothing makes me happier than _____________. Nothing makes me angrier than _____________.

 and, finally, this one:

The image curls into my pocket. I feel __________. The road ahead widens. I get to where I’m going. I get to _______________.

Fanny's answer's were fantastic. I kept each quote from Fanny pure, before rearranging and rewriting the story around them. It's neither true nor untrue that I physically stalked her, but I would like to meet her some day...

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