Joseph Guy is a filmmaker, cinematographer/DOP and graduate of London College of Communications, living in South London. Born and raised in the heart of England before moving to London to study and chase a career in filmmaking, Joe works primarily within the cinematographic discipline of filmmaking, practising the science or art of motion picture photography.  He has always been a key member and valuable asset of any film or photographic crew when it comes to achieving a desired vision - he's a bit of a lighting maestro. 

Life as a graduate has led to a diverse range of projects such as shorts films, music videos, commercials and documentaries. In addition, he works as a trainee and assistant, working closely with the director of photography to aid their aesthetic and realise the vision of the director. 

I have a hunger to learn and further develop my own language of cinematography, and to diversify and tailor this skillset to the vision of my collaborators. My devotedness to the craft comes directly from my love for cinema and its power to tell stories. I find images to be the most powerful form of communication; it is really the only universal language. Being able to speak this language through use of light and composition in order to tell a story and convey an emotion is really what it’s all about for me.






"No Need To Be So Small"


Director of Photogrpahy.16mm

Directed by Elliott Arndt 


"Backwards" Official Music Video

Directed by Laura Little

Director of Photography

Directed by Fanny H


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