What a night eh..?

Last night was our first collaborative, immersive art event and it was fanTAStic. Thanks to all those who came, and commiserations to those that didn't.. 


Here are a few snaps to re-live the evening,,, ;)


Juxtapoz Feature Kamy's "Look Up" Series

Kamy K Stanley's new photo collage series "Look Up" has been featured by Juxtapoz! 

"Over the years, photographer Kamila K. Stanley has been photographing the sky at different times and locations—places including Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. In her recent series Look Up, the artist examines colors, shapes, complexion and character, in order to overlay portraits of women photographed in her studio, onto the collection of images she has gathered throughout the years of what lies above us. The models casted are all of different ethnicities, and their clothes are carefully chosen to replicate the skies’ textures and hues."

View the feature, here

Lemon Portraits - Elliott does Steph

For the next anticipated Lemon Portrait, Elliott creates his piece, entitled "Stuff Wilson", inspired by Steph's love of taxidermy. It never quite reached it's ultimate goal of being a literal, stuffed, taxidermy Steph, as initially planned, however... Which she is relatively happy about.

"Steph and I found this piece of scrap fabric together once and I thought it was very "her". So when this project came about, it was the first thing I thought of. Influenced by Steph's obsession with taxidermy, I thought about making a sort of trophy piece. I thought about making a full scale stuffed Steph but quickly gave up. The name stayed. I decided her facebook profile pictures would be her online wildlife persona or something. Blue feathers hanging all around her, as they do IRL."

For more information on the project, click here.

Lemon Portraits - Steph Does Jim!

Next, we present you Steph Wilson's looped, "living", video-portrait of Jim Tobias for our Lemon People collaboration.


"I thought I'd play with Jim's effeminate side - there have, in fact, been the odd occasions that he's been mistaken from afar as a girl, probably due to those golden locks... It's interesting how much difference mascara and blush can make, even in it's subtly, and the reaction it often causes due to it's implications.

The medium of video is something I'd like to explore further. That area of limbo between film and photography is something I find a little curious."


Read about the project in full, here.

Alice Zoo Does Alice Louise

Alice Zoo portrays Alice Louise in our 6th Lemon People portrait-at-random.

For her portrait idea, Alice captured Alice Louise using her wonderful nan, recreating previous profile pictures taken from her subject's Facebook page. 

"How much is somebody's personal aesthetic representative of their perceived or intended self? With this series I aimed to decontextualise some aspects of Alice's distinctive appearance and see if I could create a sense of her with a sitter radically different from herself.

My grandmother took a little convincing but was both similar and different enough to Alice (both women with short, fringed haircuts) to be the right subject. I ended up with a little set of light-hearted un-portraits - perhaps future portraits? - that gave me a fleeting insight into Alice's (photographed) life while I attempted to mimic it. Hopefully they might amuse Alice, too."

To find out more on the project, click here.

Lemon Portraits - Lou Macnamara Does Elliott

Our fifth "portrait" is by Lou Macnamara of Elliott Arndt. The piece questions what it is that defines us - is it our online presence, or more specifically, our browsing history...?

"The portrait of Elliott consists of his entire browsing history, for approximately the last three months, printed on 417 pages A4 paper and displayed in an 'off-black' lever arch folder. This was executed without Elliott's knowledge."

Very sneaky...

To read more on the project, click here


Lemon Portraits - Laura Little Does Lou

For our fourth Lemon Portrait, we present you Laura Little's "Mature Mobile", an abstract portrait of Lou

"I felt in order for me to capture Lou right, the piece needed to be physical, something you can touch and interact with; a piece you could even listen to. 

I found the idea of the mobile being mainly associated with children interesting and thought why don't I find a way of giving the mobile a personality, a reflection of Lou - the "mature mobile."

Read more information of our first collaborative project, here.

Lemon Portraits - Alice Louise Does Fanny

For our third portrait, Alice Louise chose to write a creative piece based on information she drew from Fanny over social media and short correspondence. The quotes are Fanny's, rearranged according to Alice Louise's imagination. They are yet to meet, and created a semi-surreal encounter...
(See Fanny's Fill-in sheet here)

Stalking Fanny

I saw Fanny next to a smoking vintage car. She stands behind the lights and cameras surrounding the car. I hear of Fanny in Belleville.

 The first day, she met with a friend from University of the Arts. She waited for her at the bus stop, long dark hair flicking under a woollen scarf. She picked her nails.

 “I started here in now, never thought it would become tomorrow. “

 These were the first words I knew of Fanny, muttered rushingly into the breeze. Another girl arrived. I ducked further into hiding, so they couldn’t know. It was getting freezing. I wondered what Fanny thought of it?

 “When I was a girl, I knew I wanted to play chess. When I was a boy, I decided I really wanted to win. I think the reason was Kubrick.”

 I was stuck with a view of her back, her friends face animated behind. What friend? I don’t know, I don’t know Fanny.

 “My feet whirls around a doublebass. I’ve never been in a band. I always watched films.”

 I think she’s telling a story.

 “The best climate is September.”

 Or, it’s a tinder date

 “My favourite film is 2001. My favourite book is Neon Bible. I am nostalgic, sometimes. “

Girl across smiles

“Nothing makes me happier than chokobons. Nothing makes me angrier than lies.”

Girl flashes the mask of fear. Everyone’s told lies.

 “Around me..I can see weird stuff. Sometimes I think ‘where are the fluffy bears’?”

She laughs and it is beautiful, her mouth is full of shining teeth and her lips stretch across them wide.

 “If I were cut off, couldn’t get back to myself, I would literally become a werewolf.“

With that, she leaves

 “I’m going. To Nebraska”

 I stumble on an old bottle someone left. Drinking and stalking? Step too far in my book.

 “High, did you hear, the one about the dizzy deer?”

 She’s talking to me. How?

 “How did you know I was here?”

 “I heard what I hear in my head when I’m asleep, ‘Red grass and green sky’.”

"I've never met Fanny. That was at the epicenter of my thoughts when making this project.

So I watched her instead.
I know of her through her internet presence, social media and our correspondence. I'm particularly obsessed with online image; I relied on a mix of that and a distanced, slightly creepy, correspondence with Fanny, solely over Facebook.
As Fanny is a photographer/film-maker, and I know her through Lemon People, I used her profile photo as the focus of the story's 'cover'. The rest show my knowledge of her ( and its gaps...)
The writing was created through a fill-in sheet I sent fanny, then rearranged it, keeping her quotes in their original order but turning it into the story my project had become : Stalking Fanny.

 My project will finish when I see Fanny in the flesh and read the story to her. Eye to eye. No blinking."

By Alice Louise

Lemon Portraits - Fanny Hoetzeneder Does Yehan

As a new collective we thought we'd start with what we knew best (or did we?) - each other - for our first mini collaborative project.

We picked one-another's names out of a hat, and set out to make non-generic, unexpected portraits on that chosen Lemon.

Simple! It was pretty fun, and for those that knew each other less well than others, or were even in relationships, it was an interesting and personal exploration. A selfie with your fellow Lemon at a mate's birthday party just didn't cut it...


To start with, here is Fanny Hoetzeneder's portrait of Yehan.

"The portraits were made from a face recognition generator. They’re usually used to see if you look like celebrities… The one I used is an asian software, hence the number of asian celebrities. 

I thought it was interesting and unconventional to portray someone through other people… the "we’re all different but the same” idea. There’s also a theme of vanity of how people want to be seen to the virtual word (one reason I took photographs from Facebook) and it’s also comical as it’s a bit ridiculous… 

You may not agree, but here’s the proof that Yehan basically has the same facial features as Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, Michael Schumacher, Elisabeth Taylor, Brad Pitt..."


We'll be submitting each portrait gradually from here onwards..!

Desert-ar - A Short Film

Directed by the very talented Andrea Mae Perez, featuring our lemon Laura as Production Designer. Desert-ar is a short film made by members of the collective as well as regular collaborators.

With a striking narrative and beautiful aesthetic we all have great passion for this project and with only four days left to go to reach the target on ideastap we ask you to please take a moment to read and watch the link below, any support will be greatly appreciated ~ 

Happy Friday!








Artwork by Yehan Jehan


Femmeuary Finale

Over the past month, a couple of Lemons have involved themselves with the Brighton based project on feminism Femmeuary

Femmeuary was started by Alice Ash, Brodi Snook, and Chloe Harwood in 2013, and has grown from its first whisps - of prose/art/poetry  - to an ample bush, incorporating film, music and events, like last night at the Prince Albert in Brighton. 

There were reams of touching, poking - even invasive - poetry and prose. Alice Ash's reading of The Doctor, and the screening of its visual trailer, left the audience questioning empowerment dynamics, feeling full and hollow at once, and a little disturbed. Which turned out to be the perfect opener for a night that drags comedy from tragedy, and empowerment from banality.  

For a review of the whole night, and more, click here

Illustration by Georgia Flowers

Illustration by Georgia Flowers

The Red City - Images by Steph Wilson

After a short trip to Marrakech and gathering various antique pieces for her online vintage clothing store, ChinaPig, here are some of the images Steph came back with.

All images were shot on medium format film or 35mm film.


A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World

So Steph came across the book of her dreams this morning... Aesthetically pleasing, scientifically accurate images of flora and fauna, photographed unnaturally against block colour (along with a few in their natural environments.) 


The first edition of A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World was first published in 1973.
It serves as a medium for original studies based principally upon the collections in the Museum and the research of the Institute.

The publication is made up of 55 plates with documents and booklets contained in a hand crafted archival box, and it can be yours for $220.

Find more information here

The Quirky Homes of Costa Nova do Prado

A tiny lady called Jessica Littlewood (one of our hidden Lemons) stumbled across the website of Dacian Groza, a "freelance photographer who likes to travel".

We loved his "leftover" series, but then fell head over heels for his striped quirky homes of Costa Nova do Prado.

See the full series here

YOU PEOPLE Exhibition Opening

YOU PEOPLE is an exhibition curated by Lou Macnamara and Angus Frost, showcasing works by final year art students in Bethnal Green. The students are engaging with a variety of highly complex socio-political issues ranging from homelessness in the local area to questions around the functions of contemporary art practice.

you people

The exhibition opens at the Portman Gallery on Thursday 26th February, 4-8pm
It will run from 27th February - 6th March 4-7pm

Exhibiting Artists:
Huma Ahmad
Arman Ali
Samia Benfares 
Nhung Hong Thi Hong 
Syeda Najnim Khatun 
Nika Mamedova 
Araminta Millest 
Jahanara Rahman 
Ratul Roychoudhury 
Vanessa Wilson
Ben Philips