Support Kamy in the IYL Showcase final!

We're sure if you've already heard about it, but there was a pretty prestigious photography competition launched this year called the ‘If You Leave Showcase’. It was aimed at uncovering young/emerging photographers, and the jury picked Kamy out as a finalist...  The tiny, talented Kamy is now in the last 20 out of more than 22.000 submissions, and we feel like a bunch of proud, overzealous parents.

Kamy's finalist photo

Kamy's finalist photo

They’ve just announced the final leg of the competition which is based on public vote, so now we're asking you to help her out.

You have to download the app, it's super easy:

And not only Kamy, but all of us, would appreciate your support in boosting Kamy to stardom!

Read more about the competition and view all the 20 chosen submissions, here:


Get voting! And thanks!