Lou Is Chosen for The Catlin Guide 2015

For the past six years, Art Catlin, an organisation supporting young and emerging artists in the UK, have been working with some of the most promising talent coming straight out of grad school. The guide has a proven track record of cherrypicking Britain’s freshest faces from degree shows and compiling them into the annual publication The Catlin Guide – an exclusive book featuring 40 of the UK’s next-gen artists. 2015's publication has now been officially released, and after holding our tongues we can now say that Lou Macnamara is one of the 40!

" Justin Hammond reveals it’s the promise of longetivity and quality that is what grabs his attention most. " - Read an interview by Dazed with curator, Justin Hammon, here.

Super well done, Lou!

The Catlin Guide 2015 is free all week at the London Art Fair in angel and available for purchase at Amazon and blackwells.