Femmeuary Finale

Over the past month, a couple of Lemons have involved themselves with the Brighton based project on feminism Femmeuary

Femmeuary was started by Alice Ash, Brodi Snook, and Chloe Harwood in 2013, and has grown from its first whisps - of prose/art/poetry  - to an ample bush, incorporating film, music and events, like last night at the Prince Albert in Brighton. 

There were reams of touching, poking - even invasive - poetry and prose. Alice Ash's reading of The Doctor, and the screening of its visual trailer, left the audience questioning empowerment dynamics, feeling full and hollow at once, and a little disturbed. Which turned out to be the perfect opener for a night that drags comedy from tragedy, and empowerment from banality.  

For a review of the whole night, and more, click here

Illustration by Georgia Flowers

Illustration by Georgia Flowers