Lemon Portraits - Fanny Hoetzeneder Does Yehan

As a new collective we thought we'd start with what we knew best (or did we?) - each other - for our first mini collaborative project.

We picked one-another's names out of a hat, and set out to make non-generic, unexpected portraits on that chosen Lemon.

Simple! It was pretty fun, and for those that knew each other less well than others, or were even in relationships, it was an interesting and personal exploration. A selfie with your fellow Lemon at a mate's birthday party just didn't cut it...


To start with, here is Fanny Hoetzeneder's portrait of Yehan.

"The portraits were made from a face recognition generator. They’re usually used to see if you look like celebrities… The one I used is an asian software, hence the number of asian celebrities. 

I thought it was interesting and unconventional to portray someone through other people… the "we’re all different but the same” idea. There’s also a theme of vanity of how people want to be seen to the virtual word (one reason I took photographs from Facebook) and it’s also comical as it’s a bit ridiculous… 

You may not agree, but here’s the proof that Yehan basically has the same facial features as Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, Michael Schumacher, Elisabeth Taylor, Brad Pitt..."


We'll be submitting each portrait gradually from here onwards..!