Lemon Portraits - Alice Louise Does Fanny

For our third portrait, Alice Louise chose to write a creative piece based on information she drew from Fanny over social media and short correspondence. The quotes are Fanny's, rearranged according to Alice Louise's imagination. They are yet to meet, and created a semi-surreal encounter...
(See Fanny's Fill-in sheet here)

Stalking Fanny

I saw Fanny next to a smoking vintage car. She stands behind the lights and cameras surrounding the car. I hear of Fanny in Belleville.

 The first day, she met with a friend from University of the Arts. She waited for her at the bus stop, long dark hair flicking under a woollen scarf. She picked her nails.

 “I started here in now, never thought it would become tomorrow. “

 These were the first words I knew of Fanny, muttered rushingly into the breeze. Another girl arrived. I ducked further into hiding, so they couldn’t know. It was getting freezing. I wondered what Fanny thought of it?

 “When I was a girl, I knew I wanted to play chess. When I was a boy, I decided I really wanted to win. I think the reason was Kubrick.”

 I was stuck with a view of her back, her friends face animated behind. What friend? I don’t know, I don’t know Fanny.

 “My feet whirls around a doublebass. I’ve never been in a band. I always watched films.”

 I think she’s telling a story.

 “The best climate is September.”

 Or, it’s a tinder date

 “My favourite film is 2001. My favourite book is Neon Bible. I am nostalgic, sometimes. “

Girl across smiles

“Nothing makes me happier than chokobons. Nothing makes me angrier than lies.”

Girl flashes the mask of fear. Everyone’s told lies.

 “Around me..I can see weird stuff. Sometimes I think ‘where are the fluffy bears’?”

She laughs and it is beautiful, her mouth is full of shining teeth and her lips stretch across them wide.

 “If I were cut off, couldn’t get back to myself, I would literally become a werewolf.“

With that, she leaves

 “I’m going. To Nebraska”

 I stumble on an old bottle someone left. Drinking and stalking? Step too far in my book.

 “High, did you hear, the one about the dizzy deer?”

 She’s talking to me. How?

 “How did you know I was here?”

 “I heard what I hear in my head when I’m asleep, ‘Red grass and green sky’.”

"I've never met Fanny. That was at the epicenter of my thoughts when making this project.

So I watched her instead.
I know of her through her internet presence, social media and our correspondence. I'm particularly obsessed with online image; I relied on a mix of that and a distanced, slightly creepy, correspondence with Fanny, solely over Facebook.
As Fanny is a photographer/film-maker, and I know her through Lemon People, I used her profile photo as the focus of the story's 'cover'. The rest show my knowledge of her ( and its gaps...)
The writing was created through a fill-in sheet I sent fanny, then rearranged it, keeping her quotes in their original order but turning it into the story my project had become : Stalking Fanny.

 My project will finish when I see Fanny in the flesh and read the story to her. Eye to eye. No blinking."

By Alice Louise