Alice Zoo Does Alice Louise

Alice Zoo portrays Alice Louise in our 6th Lemon People portrait-at-random.

For her portrait idea, Alice captured Alice Louise using her wonderful nan, recreating previous profile pictures taken from her subject's Facebook page. 

"How much is somebody's personal aesthetic representative of their perceived or intended self? With this series I aimed to decontextualise some aspects of Alice's distinctive appearance and see if I could create a sense of her with a sitter radically different from herself.

My grandmother took a little convincing but was both similar and different enough to Alice (both women with short, fringed haircuts) to be the right subject. I ended up with a little set of light-hearted un-portraits - perhaps future portraits? - that gave me a fleeting insight into Alice's (photographed) life while I attempted to mimic it. Hopefully they might amuse Alice, too."

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