STEPH WILSON (Founder/Director)


"Olive Oyl dyed her pussy the colour of spinach and lived happily ever after."

Glen O'Brien, Human Nature (Dub Version)



Steph Wilson is a fashion, fine art and portrait photographer and artist living in Hackney, London. She works with Dazed and Confused Magazine, Vice's feminist channel Broadly and is a member of the Bridge Company collective, along with being founder of Lemon People.


My current theme of work, which I try to merge into my editorial shoots, has found itself based around constructs; social constructs of etiquette, gender, sex and beauty. Exploring the contradictions of these topics and their fluctuating history is bamboozling, hilarious or just plain sinister. How are we expected to keep up? Or are we supposed not to for consumerism's sake? Reconstructing these generic limitations of something deemed gross or inappropriate is what currently drives me: making something acceptable out of the taboo, something ugly out of the "beautiful" (or vice versa), something obvious out of the unspoken, and hopefully creating something a wee bit funny along the way whilst implanting a bit of a message - nothing really matters that much, and if it does, why?






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